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Feedback of rite2censor

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From [∧][∨] On [∧][∨] Role Feedback Comment
freakrakion 31/03/14 buyer positive Thanks for buying +20 sweety
freakrakion 16/10/13 buyer positive Thanks for buying bulk.
InfernalFury 31/03/13 seller positive Enjoy the 3k!
InfernalFury 31/03/13 seller positive Enjoy the 8k cash!
InfernalFury 29/03/13 seller positive Enjoy the cash!
BHAD_ANGEL 25/03/13 buyer positive Thanks for buying 25k cashie :)
BIX 15/09/12 buyer positive TY.. A+++ went smooth
trdmiller 22/06/12 seller positive Thanks for buying 2k.
Cynie 10/06/12 seller positive Enjoy demolition lv99 for $4
sieuac 09/06/12 seller positive Enjoy the 11k cash , thanks!
InfernalFury 08/06/12 seller positive Thanks again and enjoy the 7k cash :)
BIX 08/06/12 buyer positive enjoy your freeze gems.. tnx
BIX 07/06/12 buyer positive enjoy your +18 NS Sword :)
InfernalFury 06/06/12 seller positive Enjoy the 6k cash :)
trdmiller 18/05/12 seller positive Thanks for buying the golden Dragon
InfernalFury 06/05/12 seller positive enjoy the 18k cash!
Khoa 06/05/12 seller positive ENjoy WS Legend Purple Set <3 Thanks
[Lone] 27/04/12 seller positive enjoy 6k cash
BHAD_ANGEL 27/04/12 buyer positive thanks for buying...
Swagger 21/04/12 trade positive I sent first, trustable :)
QuocT 21/04/12 seller positive Enjoy NW body +19 :)
sieuac 19/04/12 seller positive Enjoy thax!
QuocT 19/04/12 seller positive Enjoy bulk
QuocT 15/04/12 seller positive thanks
QuocT 14/04/12 buyer positive ENJOY BULK
QuocT 07/04/12 buyer positive enjoy
InfernalFury 21/03/12 seller positive Enjoy the mithrils again!
InfernalFury 21/03/12 seller positive ty enjoy mithrils ^^
Kronos 05/03/12 seller positive A++
InfernalFury 27/01/12 seller positive thank you enjoy bulk cash!
Albee 26/01/12 seller positive Enjoy 3x Lv99 BN and Summer Hammer +18
Liadran 24/01/12 trade positive Enjoy ur new Lvl 99 GP :) A++
InfernalFury 22/01/12 seller positive thanks enjoy the cash!
QuocT 22/01/12 buyer positive Enjoy Summer dagger +18. Thanks!
Traxxster 07/01/12 seller positive Enjoy the d-cores :D
[x]Peace 06/01/12 buyer positive Fast and easy. I sent first he sent without checking cause he trusted me as an ex clan member. :)
InfernalFury 24/12/11 seller positive 70th feedback for you. Congrats~ and thanks for bulking! Enjoy the cash :D
sj262 24/12/11 seller positive enjoy bulk again^^
sj262 23/12/11 seller positive enjoy your cash^^
InfernalFury 12/12/11 seller positive Enjoy the cash!
QuocT 12/12/11 buyer positive enjoy summer sword +14, tnx
NewCommer 11/12/11 buyer positive Thanks for the trade~
Pc]Black 11/12/11 seller positive Enjoy your +13 summer arms!
sj262 01/12/11 seller positive enjoy bulk^^
sj262 27/11/11 trade positive enjoy bulk^^
sj262 23/11/11 seller positive Thanks again^^
enjoy ur bulk^^
sj262 21/11/11 seller positive Thanks and enjoy bulk^^
InfernalFury 06/11/11 seller positive Thanks! Enjoy them =]
InfernalFury 06/11/11 seller positive Enjoy your b gems!
kimnpia 06/11/11 seller positive enjoy summer dagger +19
thanks br0 =]
_[[DeMon]]_ 29/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
_[[DeMon]]_ 28/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
QuocT 27/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy :)
XXXkillerD 23/10/11 buyer positive thx bro, have a nice day!
InfernalFury 14/10/11 seller positive Enjoy your cash!
Khoa 14/10/11 seller positive Enjoy +15 archer Icarus Sets :D Thanks <3
XXXkillerD 07/10/11 buyer positive he sent first!! thx bro
Khoa 06/10/11 seller positive Enjoy Full Damned set :D
Trustworthy <3
InfernalFury 03/10/11 seller positive Thanks! enjoy your b gems
>Rakilion< 03/10/11 seller positive Enjoy
_[[DeMon]]_ 01/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Khoa 29/09/11 seller positive Enjoy WS Shoulder +15 :)
Vengir 29/09/11 seller positive Trustworthy trader!Fast and cool ;)
_[[DeMon]]_ 29/09/11 seller positive Enjoy !
_[[DeMon]]_ 28/09/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Arka 28/09/11 buyer positive Enjoy the gems~
WhiteLite 27/09/11 seller positive Thanks for the money sent ASAP! A+
XXXkillerD 27/09/11 buyer positive enjoy
_[[DeMon]]_ 27/09/11 seller positive Sorry for my fault.
_[[DeMon]]_ 27/09/11 seller neutral Enjoy !
Speed_Hawk 21/09/11 seller positive Enjoy the sweety+19!
Nghia 15/08/11 trade positive thanks again :D A+++
_[[DeMon]]_ 09/08/11 seller positive Thanks!
_[[DeMon]]_ 08/08/11 seller positive Enjoy B gems :)
Nghia 08/08/11 trade positive thanks :D good buyer
kimnpia 08/08/11 seller positive enjoy damned +19
thanks for buying
recommended A++++
aznakf 14/04/11 seller positive He sent money first, quick and smooth transaction =)
Enjoy the bulk!
nguyenthientoan1990 10/04/11 trade positive best buyer, A+++
Nghia 06/04/11 seller positive Thanks :D A++ buyer :)
Rashao 05/04/11 buyer positive I sent moolah first, he sent really quickly after. Good guy, :)
trdmiller 24/03/11 seller positive Sent Item at very Good Price. Thanks buddy!
dott 22/03/11 trade positive Nice buyer. Send me the Money first. Then I sent my MK
Nghia 10/03/11 buyer positive A++ for my buyer :) Trustworthy
sieuac 08/03/11 seller positive thanks again :D
junweirawks 05/03/11 buyer positive Bought some gems off me! :D
_[[DeMon]]_ 04/03/11 seller positive Enjoy cash :D
sieuac 04/03/11 seller positive 3rd good trade.thanks
see you again !!
Bashibouzouk 04/03/11 buyer positive Very good trader, and fast.
Sora 17/02/11 seller positive Another smooth transaction. Thanks.
Sora 09/02/11 trade positive fast and easy, thanks
sieuac 02/01/11 buyer positive thanks fast trade +++
[x]Peace 01/01/11 seller positive Trustworthy seller. :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 30/12/10 seller positive Nice trade again, ty
innocent-charlie 29/12/10 buyer positive Woooo second time this person bought items from me in bulk. I love you.

Come back for more :) ur so fking awesome...

Thank for the business
sieuac 21/12/10 buyer positive thank for trade :D +++
twowingz 20/12/10 trade positive Smooth trade(:
[G]enius 18/12/10 buyer positive Fast and trustworthy. A++
xiaoy312 14/12/10 seller positive nice seller n fast service~
noneed 10/12/10 seller positive He sent money first. Good and smooth trade.
prex 10/12/10 seller positive he send me cash, i send him gsc ;D
nice and smooth
Jerremy 09/12/10 seller positive hehe, enjoy the cash!
Marjorie 08/12/10 buyer positive GREAT buyer.... he sent payment first as agreed... fast and smooth deal... :)
innocent-charlie 02/12/10 buyer positive He bought 3 of my Ecores at once. The payment was smooth (no pain). I like this type of customer and would like to deal with him again anytime soon.

Thanks for the trade. Enjoy ur killing :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 11/11/10 seller positive Bought 3 DBs
Lose_more_w8 28/07/10 trade positive he sent first and then i sent the stone turt, good trade :D
Trev 19/07/10 seller positive Great buyer, he sent first, trustworthy for sure!
Jenn<3 18/06/10 seller positive Great buyer. He/she sent cash codes first.

And welcome to .biz! :)