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Feedback of sj262

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From [∧][∨] On [∧][∨] Role Feedback Comment
HiddenOps 19/10/12 seller negative Fucking scammed me on another game.Best way to track him is here.Its either him or his friend.But it doesn't change a thing.The name NicRon is a fucking scammer.
[RainDrop] 16/05/12 buyer positive Thanks for the cane dagger
trdmiller 22/04/12 buyer positive Thanks for the Beryl +18 awesome!
Decker 08/04/12 buyer positive
[RainDrop] 08/04/12 buyer positive Thanks for the ws hammer
kyogreman 24/03/12 seller positive
Decker 24/03/12 buyer positive
USVN 23/03/12 seller positive ^^
kyogreman 20/03/12 trade positive
Khashin 20/03/12 buyer positive Thank you for MK!
iron2321 20/03/12 buyer positive ty for bulk!
Pc]Black 18/03/12 buyer positive Thanks for the sweety!:)
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 15/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 14/03/12 seller positive
kyogreman 14/03/12 seller positive
BHAD_ANGEL 10/03/12 seller positive THANKS FOR THE CASH ^_^
dustinvdh 06/03/12 buyer positive Bought 60$ bulk of him ;) Fast service
iron2321 06/03/12 buyer positive tnx for bulk!
Ukko 28/02/12 trade positive Thanks for the master arms !! ;D
kimnpia 26/02/12 buyer positive thanks for the 6k cash =]
EvilFluffy 26/02/12 trade positive thnx for the bulk
Albee 26/02/12 buyer positive Thanks Dear :D
kayub3ar 25/02/12 seller positive Thanks for bulk. A++
Ukko 24/02/12 trade positive Thanks for the bulk ! ;)
ramihayek 21/02/12 buyer positive Ty For Cash :)
Decker 18/02/12 buyer positive
BHAD_ANGEL 17/02/12 seller positive A++ thanks for the bulked...
Ukko 17/02/12 trade positive Thanks for Bulk ;)
c00kiem0nstrX 16/02/12 buyer positive never get tired of getting bulk from you ^^ thanks :D
Kronos 15/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk!:D
nh0xvipdk 11/02/12 buyer positive ty for ur cash :))
_[[DeMon]]_ 11/02/12 seller positive Thanks !
c00kiem0nstrX 10/02/12 buyer positive thanks for fast bulk ^^
Afterparty 10/02/12 buyer positive item well received
Jessie 10/02/12 seller positive Thanks for the cash.
Kronos 09/02/12 seller positive thanks for the items :D
argentblade 09/02/12 buyer positive perfect item thanks!
<I>Zeus<I> 08/02/12 buyer positive tHANKS FOR THE SUMMER ARM :D
Swagger 08/02/12 trade positive Thanks :)
Deathpact 08/02/12 buyer positive 5k Bulk!!! Thanks :)
<I>Zeus<I> 07/02/12 buyer positive Thanks! smooth trade :D
Ukko 07/02/12 seller positive Thanks for bulk !^^
Spam 06/02/12 buyer positive Smooth Transaction ^^b
jwong312 06/02/12 seller positive Thanks :)
<I>Zeus<I> 06/02/12 buyer positive received ! :D
<I>Zeus<I> 05/02/12 buyer positive thank you
Alex 04/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk again! :)
<I>Zeus<I> 04/02/12 buyer positive Thanks for the damned items !
Kronos 04/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk :D
Deathpact 04/02/12 buyer positive Thanks for the Rolls!!! bought 3MK rolls!!!
Kronos 04/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk as always :D
Deathpact 04/02/12 buyer positive Bought +18 (Swift Grade) Cane Helmet. Free Class Change!!! Thanks!!!
c00kiem0nstrX 04/02/12 buyer positive thanks for bulk~ :D
Kronos 04/02/12 seller positive thanks for the sweety :D
Alex 03/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk again! =)
_[[DeMon]]_ 03/02/12 seller positive Thanks !
aimansyazwan1997 03/02/12 buyer positive Thanks for the bulkcash :)
Kronos 03/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk :D
ramihayek 03/02/12 seller positive ty :)
Kronos 03/02/12 seller positive thanks for bulking as always :D
Albee 02/02/12 buyer positive Thanks for bulking :P
Kronos 02/02/12 seller positive fast bulk thanks for it :D
Spam 02/02/12 buyer positive Was flexible with pricing and timely with the transaction, highly recommended!
Chris 02/02/12 buyer positive thanks for the bulk :D
EvilFluffy 02/02/12 trade positive Thnx for the bulkcash :)
scottmass 02/02/12 trade positive thanks for bulk
ramihayek 02/02/12 seller positive Thx Again XD Great Seller
ramihayek 02/02/12 seller positive Thx FOr Bulk :)
Spam 01/02/12 seller positive Very quick service, professional, and would highly recommend again.
Kronos 01/02/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk :D
ramihayek 01/02/12 seller positive Ty ;)
Alex 31/01/12 seller positive thanks for the cash!
[Dolomite] 31/01/12 seller positive NOW IM THROWING TEDDY BEARS. PRETTY AMAZING
sieuac 27/01/12 seller positive Thanks!
ViolentDream 27/01/12 seller positive Nice seller :D ty for 10k staff cane +19 / master body +18
ramihayek 27/01/12 seller positive Thx For Bulk XD
Pc]Black 27/01/12 buyer positive Thanks for the bulk:)
c00kiem0nstrX 27/01/12 buyer positive thanks for dcore :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 26/01/12 seller positive Enjoy !
Albee 26/01/12 seller positive Thanks Mate!!!
AFG 26/01/12 buyer positive Yeey, grate bulker, thx :D
Siro888 25/01/12 buyer positive Yayyy won 3k bulk :D
Ty :D
Siro888 25/01/12 buyer positive ty for the mk :3
<I>Zeus<I> 25/01/12 buyer positive thanks again :D
<I>Zeus<I> 25/01/12 buyer positive tyvm :D
kimnpia 23/01/12 buyer positive yey! i won mk lv 99

thanks SJ =]
ramihayek 23/01/12 seller positive Thx For Bulk Cash :) so fast XD
<I>Zeus<I> 22/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the cash :D
Pc]Black 22/01/12 trade positive Thanks for your great event!:D
falco3223 22/01/12 seller positive thanks for the spear +18
<I>Zeus<I> 22/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the item :D
c00kiem0nstrX 21/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the awesome prize :)
rite2censor 21/01/12 trade positive Thanks for the item! keep holding more events! cheers.
kimnpia 21/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the cash sj =]
kimnpia 21/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the fast cash SJ =]
Kronos 20/01/12 seller positive thanks for the bulk! :D
Kronos 20/01/12 seller positive fast bulk! thanks :D
Pc]Black 20/01/12 buyer positive Thanks for the bulk:D
Pc]Black 19/01/12 buyer positive Best trade ever! He rolled an lovely, because Ive asked him, thanks alot for my legend graded lovely! You are LOVELY!
c00kiem0nstrX 19/01/12 buyer positive thanks buddyy :D goodluck with the event :P
<I>Zeus<I> 19/01/12 buyer positive thanks :D
c00kiem0nstrX 18/01/12 buyer positive wheeee thanks for bulkyyy :D
nh0xvipdk 18/01/12 buyer positive Thank for cash :)
Jessie 17/01/12 seller positive ty
nh0xvipdk 17/01/12 buyer positive thank for bulk :)
USVN 17/01/12 seller positive trustworthy seller
Deathpact 17/01/12 buyer positive Bought 2 MK's Fast and Easy.
Pc]Black 17/01/12 buyer positive Thanks for the 3th bulk in 2 days!
sol0o 17/01/12 buyer positive Thanks
Pc]Black 16/01/12 buyer positive Thanks again for the bulk:D
Pc]Black 16/01/12 buyer positive Thanks for the quick bulk:D
elpasmao 13/01/12 trade positive Sent as soon as he got on
Jelte 13/01/12 seller positive Thank you, very fast response :) happy with mks
<I>Zeus<I> 13/01/12 buyer positive thankyou! :D
<I>Zeus<I> 13/01/12 buyer positive thankyou again
<I>Zeus<I> 13/01/12 buyer positive Received ! thanks
<I>Zeus<I> 13/01/12 buyer positive thank you ! :D
kimnpia 13/01/12 buyer positive thanks as always for fast bulk cash =]
Siro888 11/01/12 buyer positive Trustworthy like normal :')
[x]Peace 10/01/12 buyer positive Good trade no problems
[x]Peace 08/01/12 buyer positive 1 million percent trusty.
kimnpia 08/01/12 buyer positive thanks for the bulk =]
<I>Zeus<I> 08/01/12 buyer positive thanks :D
c00kiem0nstrX 06/01/12 buyer positive thanks for bulk :D
Arkanis 05/01/12 seller positive Thank you! Trade was done very quickly this time.
Arkanis 05/01/12 seller positive Thanks! Trade was completed in a reasonable amount of time :)
[x]Peace 04/01/12 buyer positive Bulked from him. Fast transaction no problems as always :)
paupau 03/01/12 seller positive ty for bulk cash! =D
Speed_Hawk 03/01/12 buyer positive Thnx for another 1k bulk :D
Speed_Hawk 03/01/12 buyer positive Thnx for 1 k bulk :D
Siro888 03/01/12 buyer positive Ty for the mks, hopefully will buy cane sooon ;D
Royal_Owner 02/01/12 seller positive Very Good seller :D
tnx for mk
ViolentDream 30/12/11 seller positive Ty for bulk :D
<I>Zeus<I> 29/12/11 buyer positive thanks
Ahr1mz 27/12/11 trade positive Bulked quick :D
sieuac 27/12/11 seller positive Thanks bulk!
jeremy3d 25/12/11 seller positive thanks bro :) merry christmas !!!
eetuh 25/12/11 seller positive FAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaast And Easy =D
kimnpia 25/12/11 buyer positive thanks for 60k bulk cash=]

hope u send me a gift

merry christmas!
rakion09301986 25/12/11 trade positive thanks
rite2censor 24/12/11 trade positive thanks for the prompt delivery
icefire 24/12/11 seller positive TY FOR BUYING AGAIN :)
icefire 24/12/11 seller positive TY FOR BUYING :)
bassist4you 24/12/11 trade positive bought +18 item from him fast and easy but he mad my girlfriend mad D: (joke)
rite2censor 23/12/11 trade positive thanks for the bulk as always.
jeremy3d 23/12/11 buyer positive Thank you very much bro :)
Naikiklis 23/12/11 buyer positive thx for 100k
kimnpia 22/12/11 buyer positive thanks for the 26k cash fast delivery =]
kimnpia 21/12/11 buyer positive thanks again br0 for fast cash =]

surely will buy again !
Deathpact 21/12/11 buyer positive Bought lvl 99 MK, thanks!
Swagger 21/12/11 trade positive :) He went first :) Thanks
kimnpia 20/12/11 buyer positive thanks for the fast cash =]
Deathpact 20/12/11 buyer positive Went smooth, cash and MK received instantly after payment.
rakion09301986 20/12/11 trade positive thanks
rakion09301986 19/12/11 trade positive thanks
jeremy3d 16/12/11 buyer positive smooth!!!! thanks bro :)
WhiteLite 15/12/11 seller positive Sold me 40k bulk. Fast sender. Great communication. A+ rated.
Gracie 14/12/11 buyer positive reliable & awesome once again! :3 thankies!
Siro888 13/12/11 buyer positive ty for mkss :))
mamaman12345 09/12/11 buyer positive good trading :D
_[[DeMon]]_ 09/12/11 seller positive Thanks !
Pc]Black 09/12/11 buyer positive Gz on your 261th feedback!:D (yeye nice number!:D)
Pc]Black 09/12/11 buyer positive Thanks again! To much good items in your shop, i keep spending my money!
BleuLabel 09/12/11 seller positive Rank S seller!
Pc]Black 09/12/11 buyer positive Thanks, enjoy your money:)
mamaman12345 09/12/11 buyer positive very good trading :D
nguyenthientoan1990 08/12/11 buyer positive A+++
Divine 08/12/11 buyer positive He put the item on hold for me, when I was ready to buy it, it was a quick and easy sale!
paupau 08/12/11 buyer positive Ty for bulk cash
saywah 06/12/11 trade positive fast,good. Would recommend.
AquaTiger 05/12/11 buyer positive Always a pleasure to deal with. A++ Trader
Pc]Black 05/12/11 buyer positive Thanks again! Good trade, good price:)
Pc]Black 05/12/11 buyer positive Thanks for the summer shoulders:D
bobka 05/12/11 buyer positive Thanks for the rolls man :)
paupau 04/12/11 buyer positive Ty 4 bulk cash!!!
rite2censor 01/12/11 trade positive thanks for the prompt delivery.
paupau 30/11/11 buyer positive Ty for bulk cash
WonderingInHolland 28/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for the mk
EvilFluffy 28/11/11 trade positive Thnx for the bulk :D
paupau 27/11/11 buyer positive TY FOR BULK CASH!!! XD
Speed_Hawk 27/11/11 buyer positive Thnx for rolls! :D
Fanar 27/11/11 seller positive he fast and Trust Member<3
Pc]Black 27/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for the +20 summer dagger, also upgraded once, and an very nice price! Thanks!
Pc]Black 27/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for the bulk!:D
Straton 27/11/11 trade positive Thanks A+++.. i will pay u once the paypal site is working for me :)
InfernalFury 27/11/11 buyer positive Thanks! :p
rite2censor 27/11/11 trade positive enjoy the gems.
Jessie 26/11/11 seller positive Thanks for cash
Jessie 26/11/11 trade positive Thanks
saywah 26/11/11 trade positive thanks bro
paupau 26/11/11 buyer positive Ty for bulk cash!!
Pc]Black 26/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for the quick bulk!;D
Fanar 25/11/11 buyer positive Fast and Truuuusted member thanks
Zaffiro 25/11/11 seller positive tyvm
Siro888 25/11/11 trade positive Such a nice guy, will trade again sometime :D
A*** 100% trust :3
paupau 25/11/11 seller positive Ty for bulk cash!!
kimnpia 24/11/11 buyer positive thanks for MKs
hoping for a good roll with it.

legend item perhaps!
Speed_Hawk 23/11/11 buyer positive thnx for MK's!! :D
paupau 23/11/11 seller positive ty for BUlk cash :D
rite2censor 23/11/11 trade positive thanks again for the bulk.
lnyxl 22/11/11 buyer positive FAST SALE FOR rolls!
XXXkillerD 22/11/11 seller positive thx fast bulk
lnyxl 22/11/11 buyer positive QUICK SALE, REAL EASY

Thanks again
rite2censor 21/11/11 trade positive thanks for the bulk.
paupau 20/11/11 buyer positive Ty for bulk cash :D
BleuLabel 19/11/11 buyer positive Thanks again ! 200+ feedback should say enough!
WhiteLite 19/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for Bulk!, It's okay for the delay :)
Swagger 18/11/11 trade positive Very nice and quick ^_^ Thanks for MK
Gracie 17/11/11 seller positive awesomness! You can definitely rely on this guy! :-D
Gracie 16/11/11 seller positive super friendly! (quick&fast!)
sol0o 15/11/11 buyer positive Thanks once again =)
EvilFluffy 15/11/11 trade positive Smooth and fast trade :)
sol0o 15/11/11 buyer positive Thanks! :)
AquaTiger 12/11/11 buyer positive awesome trader. A++
BringThePain 11/11/11 trade positive trustworthy trader!
mamaman12345 08/11/11 trade positive good trading, good price
Pc]Black 08/11/11 buyer positive Thanks for the rolls, good trade, sorry for letting you wait so long:)
Zaffiro 04/11/11 seller positive tyvm
shawn123 03/11/11 buyer positive thnx for the items ;)
BleuLabel 31/10/11 seller positive Very trustable person ! thats what we need! Thanks sj262!
EpicShell 29/10/11 buyer positive THANKS :)
QuocT 29/10/11 seller positive Tnx for mk
trdmiller 25/10/11 buyer positive Ty so much sj262!!
AquaTiger 25/10/11 buyer positive Great Trader. Nice and Fast
Speed_Hawk 25/10/11 buyer positive thnx for MK 99
abyssds 23/10/11 seller positive Thanks for the nice deal :)
Modi 22/10/11 trade positive thx alot hope it works :D
XXXkillerD 22/10/11 seller positive thxxx alot bro
trdmiller 22/10/11 buyer positive Yes, thank you, wish me well on rolls~ and thanks~
EvilFluffy 22/10/11 trade positive Paid him first, he even stayed awake to send me the items instantly!! :D A+++
shawn123 21/10/11 buyer positive thnx for a gd trade
Ukko 21/10/11 trade positive Thanks for the mks ^^ !!
fady1wu 21/10/11 seller positive Thank you for the mks
shawn123 21/10/11 buyer positive thnx man
XXXkillerD 20/10/11 seller positive thxxxx again bro
Champ 20/10/11 seller positive Ty
XXXkillerD 19/10/11 seller positive thxxx for the mks bro!!
Klex 19/10/11 buyer positive great deal, fast transaction, and easy!! A+++++++++++++++++ would trade anytime again!
abyssds 19/10/11 seller positive Thanks for discount A++
Pc]Black 19/10/11 buyer positive Thanks for the Mks! good price, good trade, thanks!
shawn123 16/10/11 buyer positive Gd trade
bassist4you 15/10/11 seller positive bought MK from him. Easy trade, very smooth :D
Keiro 15/10/11 buyer positive got 3 lvl 99 mks from him. immediately gave it to me
trdmiller 15/10/11 buyer positive Thanks sj262 for the 3 mk awesome!
ChibiPein 13/10/11 trade positive Tys
>Rakilion< 12/10/11 seller positive Thank !!!
trdmiller 11/10/11 seller positive Thanks for the money and enjoy the 50k bulk1
_[[DeMon]]_ 07/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Arka 06/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy~
trdmiller 05/10/11 seller positive Enjoy the 50k bulk!
_[[DeMon]]_ 04/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
innocent-charlie 04/10/11 buyer positive Bought 6 lvl 99 MKs from me :)


Thanks :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 27/09/11 seller positive Enjoy !
JerryXerot 23/09/11 trade positive Basilick x1. Thank him
aznakf 23/09/11 seller positive Enjoy the cell =)
Jerremy 21/09/11 seller positive Youre welcome
_[[DeMon]]_ 06/09/11 seller positive Enjoy !
c00kiem0nstrX 04/09/11 seller positive thanks youu! awesomee buyer you rock :D enjoy the 99 br and extra gift ^^
_[[DeMon]]_ 14/08/11 seller positive Enjoy !
_[[DeMon]]_ 12/08/11 seller positive Enjoy rolling :)
Nghia 10/08/11 trade positive Thanks friend :D :D
Jowy 08/08/11 seller positive Thanks! Enjoy! :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 08/08/11 seller positive Enjoy +20 south soul arm and B gems :)
InfernalFury 07/08/11 seller positive A++ buyer. I send first and he send the money straight after. 100% trustworthy. Thanks and enjoy your +19 summer helm!
Liadran 07/08/11 trade positive A+ Trader. Thanks a bunch! ;)
Kimandr11 13/07/11 buyer positive Sent item on scheduled time ^^ A+
Winter 07/07/11 seller positive bulked 7k cash- enjoy!
kukripro 07/07/11 buyer positive
kukripro 07/07/11 buyer positive
kukripro 06/07/11 buyer positive ty
Marjorie 06/07/11 seller positive tnx for the Lovely +15... :)
kukripro 06/07/11 buyer positive ty
kukripro 03/07/11 buyer positive thnx
kukripro 03/07/11 buyer positive thanks for the +15 ss arms
kukripro 03/07/11 buyer positive Thnz
kukripro 28/06/11 buyer positive
kukripro 28/06/11 buyer positive Thnx
Havok 27/06/11 buyer positive Thanks =) A+++++
TheFugitive 24/06/11 buyer positive thnks for the sc and ns lvl 99
Winter 24/06/11 seller positive good trade!
jjj123 22/06/11 buyer positive Thanks for an easy trade :)
abyssds 21/06/11 seller positive Thanks easy to deal with with. Trustworthy too :)
shawn123 20/06/11 buyer positive thnx for a great deal ;)
UndeadMoe 15/06/11 buyer positive Great seller! <3 Thanks for the MK! A++++ T++++
Eridanus 14/06/11 buyer positive Thanks for the MK! Nice trader. :D
lapatria100 10/06/11 seller positive Went smooth Good guy :))
Revolts 09/06/11 seller positive great seller
smooth trade
thx for the ereutels =]
trpark 08/06/11 buyer positive redmoon sword! brings back memories thanks!
Orex 04/06/11 trade positive SORRY FOR THE SUPeR LATE PAYMENT >:
chronic 03/06/11 seller positive trade was done quickly. I sent my level 99 BD first then he paid me through paypal. very reliable trusted seller!!
Jowy 02/06/11 seller positive Thank you :) enjoy!
Darkout 01/06/11 buyer positive Great trade! Thanks :)
yavek 29/05/11 buyer positive He bought more cash ^^
yavek 29/05/11 buyer positive enjoy the cash.
ChibiPein 29/05/11 seller positive Ty's For waiting patiently Aaron
A++ Trader
Modi 28/05/11 trade positive thx for cash :)
yavek 28/05/11 buyer positive enjoy the cash ^^
Falcon 27/05/11 seller positive Thanks for purchasing a User Group from my shop!
sieuac 23/05/11 seller positive thanks for cash !
jeremy3d 23/05/11 seller positive thanks :) sorry for the delay
iEatTurtles:3 22/05/11 seller positive Quick and smooth trade. Thanks for the 99 SC. :D
trdmiller 22/05/11 seller positive Wow sj262, I can't believe your feedbacks are almost hi as mine. I remember when you started off, glad to have done so many transactions together!
icefire 22/05/11 buyer positive tnx for the lovely :)
icefire 21/05/11 buyer positive tnx for the musk :)
sieuac 21/05/11 trade positive thanks for bulk +++++++++++++++++
[x]Dragonite 20/05/11 buyer positive Very nice person, WORKER PARTY ALL THE WAY !!
War_RunZoR 19/05/11 buyer positive fast and easy thanks
x3BabyRio 19/05/11 seller positive Smooth deal! thanks! :D
yavek 18/05/11 buyer positive Enjoy the cash ^^.
Liadran 18/05/11 trade positive Trusted Trader! A+ :)
kiwi 18/05/11 buyer positive Fast trade, big positive :D
yavek 18/05/11 buyer positive He bought more cash ^^
Yoyofreak 17/05/11 seller positive I sent the money first, no worry at all! extremely trustable =D
Crisael 17/05/11 seller positive Fast and thrustworty.Thanks ;)
x3BabyRio 15/05/11 seller positive Extremely trustworthy and an awesome seller! Went first even when i had lower feedbacks than him, thanks! :)
Modi 15/05/11 trade positive thx for the Trade :)
yavek 15/05/11 buyer positive More cash for you.
Thank you ^^
icefire 15/05/11 seller positive great buyer :) willing to do business again :)
aznakf 14/05/11 seller positive Sorry for the wait, all done~ Enjoy
LovelyDinner 14/05/11 trade positive thanks sexy!
yavek 14/05/11 buyer positive Enjoy the cash ^^
aznakf 14/05/11 seller positive Your 100th feedback, enjoy~
Jowy 13/05/11 seller positive Great as usual :) thanks! enjoy!
druggedhobo 13/05/11 buyer positive Awesome seller! i sent first then he sent RIGHT after. A++
YummyFish 13/05/11 trade positive I went first and he followed through!
JohnnyK 13/05/11 seller positive Thank you. Mr trusty!
forte25 13/05/11 buyer positive Thanks! trusted as always
icefire 12/05/11 seller positive thanks for trusting me :)
rekansa 12/05/11 buyer positive Very quick! I send money first and received item right after :) Great seller! Thankss :D
JohnnyK 11/05/11 seller positive Another great trade! :]
aznakf 11/05/11 seller positive Sent, enjoy~
trdmiller 11/05/11 seller positive My Regular Seller! Much respect and trust for you!
aznakf 10/05/11 seller positive Almost there =D Enjoy
shawn123 10/05/11 buyer positive Thanks for the MK
LovelyDinner 09/05/11 trade positive thanks for bulk cash!
aznakf 09/05/11 seller positive More cash over n over =)
JohnnyK 09/05/11 seller positive Sold 4 accounts to him. Great deal trustworthy and reliable! :]
aznakf 09/05/11 seller positive It's my service =) Enjoy, don't be sorry ^ ^
aznakf 08/05/11 seller positive Accounts bulked ^ ^ enjoy.
aznakf 08/05/11 seller positive More cash =) good luck
yavek 08/05/11 buyer positive Thank you for using my bulk cash service.
mnmnlb 07/05/11 buyer positive Bought a + 15 stuff,fast and trustworthy
forte25 06/05/11 buyer positive Probably the fastest and trusted trader in the forum.

Don't hesitate to trade with him. 100% credibility.
benzi92 06/05/11 buyer positive Thanks for the gems!
Dareta 04/05/11 buyer positive Nice trade, thnx^^
OttomanSipahi66 04/05/11 buyer positive Very fast business! fastly pmed me back! awesome...A++++ thank you :)
trdmiller 04/05/11 seller positive No thank you buddy, I enjoy your Gems and eCores!
GoDLiKe 04/05/11 seller positive A+++++++ trustworthy
yavek 03/05/11 buyer positive Bought 10k cash ^^. Thank you.
ChibiPein 03/05/11 trade positive Ty's For the 12$ :)
bassist4you 02/05/11 seller positive I sent money first and he sent two MKS!!!!!! TUSTWORTHY AND SEXY!!!! Will buy from him again :D
ChibiPein 02/05/11 buyer positive Ty's For the Tanzanites and Euretels Glad to be Feedback #70th :) WOOT!
trdmiller 02/05/11 trade positive I buy so many refinery stuff from him, he has great prices! Thanks buddy. We have great trust for each other!
antonliz 01/05/11 buyer positive sent the SK as soon as he was online :) recommended seller A++++
trdmiller 30/04/11 seller positive Thanks so much! Thanks for sending those gems quickly!
ChibiPein 30/04/11 seller positive Thanks A lot :) A++ Trader Recommended :3
Jowy 30/04/11 seller positive ^^ Thanks a ton, enjoy!
LovelyDinner 30/04/11 trade positive Thanks :P
iidiiott 30/04/11 buyer positive sent the codes first=D a+++++++++
GoDLiKe 29/04/11 seller positive Thanks for the +15 Damned arms =)
Jowy 29/04/11 seller positive Thanks :) Enjoy!
aznakf 28/04/11 seller positive Real bulk cash order haha. He's ganna spam my limit clean. Hope you enjoy your cash and points xD
Shade 26/04/11 buyer positive Another great trade.
trdmiller 26/04/11 seller positive Sent Items perfectly and quickly despite it was 2AM over there. Thanks!
black551 26/04/11 seller positive Thanks for the $13 :)
jeremy3d 26/04/11 seller positive he bought my ecores perfectly :) nice doing business with you
jeremy3d 26/04/11 buyer positive thanks for the gems :) too bad it failed on my first attempt lol
Shade 23/04/11 buyer positive Pleasant guy, would love to do business again in the future.
yavek 23/04/11 buyer positive Basically the most trustworthy person. He sent first the 50k and then I sent the bulk cash.Even he got way more feedbacks than me ^^.
He trust people and because of this he can be trusted.
Jowy 23/04/11 seller positive Thank you :) Enjoy!
Kai-Inferno 23/04/11 seller positive Awesome trade!
c00ki3 21/04/11 seller positive Sent first and got it as soon as he got on~ thx C:
jeremy3d 21/04/11 buyer positive thanks for the damned body :)))
nigelnic 19/04/11 seller positive Thanks for Gems and a good price!
Great seller!:>
forte25 19/04/11 trade positive bought the third piece as well.
Thanks. Trustworthy
forte25 19/04/11 seller positive Another piece!
Thanks! Trustworthy.
forte25 18/04/11 seller positive Thanks for the +15GC Body. Trustworthy.
musicdj3 18/04/11 buyer positive A++++. very nice and quick trader.
yavek 18/04/11 buyer positive He sent the money first.
Very patient and trustworthy trader.
Thank you ^^
jeremy3d 18/04/11 buyer positive thanks :)
trdmiller 17/04/11 seller positive Sends many items so fast (Gems)

aznakf 17/04/11 seller positive Again really quick and sent money first, Enjoy the bulk cash ^ ^
Jowy 17/04/11 seller positive Thanks again, enjoy the cash :)
luckiness 17/04/11 buyer positive Got enuf gems. Thanks mate.
Jowy 16/04/11 seller positive No problems :) ty! Enjoy!
aznakf 16/04/11 seller positive Good and fast transaction! Enjoy the cash and good luck on the enchants ^ ^
keita5431 16/04/11 buyer positive He gave me a SSO original for FREE! Generous guy :]. God bless you.
trdmiller 16/04/11 seller positive Very quick transaction also a great seller!
Skull 16/04/11 buyer positive Thanks for the Custom Enchanted NS gear!! ;)
Ferzen 13/04/11 buyer positive Great. He sent it with quickness.
DeathVox 11/04/11 buyer positive Trustworthy, I sent first :)
kpandabear 11/04/11 seller positive thanks man
DrRon 11/04/11 seller positive THANK YOU MAN FOR THE DRAGON
[Sensation_] 11/04/11 trade positive Thank you for ST!!!
Poooks 11/04/11 buyer positive Bought my oceanus2 he sent first, fast and easy trade :)
benzi92 10/04/11 seller positive Sorry for this late feedback from me. Thanks for sales again! Hope you can buy again soon! :D
Vengir 10/04/11 seller positive thx for trade,trusted person :)
trdmiller 09/04/11 seller positive Thanks man, you were very nice. Sent items as soon as possible!
Shu 08/04/11 buyer positive First payment was successful.
Trustworthy buyer A+++
Enjoy the account!
nguyenthientoan1990 05/04/11 trade positive another smoth trade, he send first, AAA+++
nguyenthientoan1990 05/04/11 trade positive sell NMK to him, he send money first, AAA+++
Dream 04/04/11 trade positive fast and easy deal

Altair 04/04/11 buyer positive Thanks again, A+++ :D
Nghia 03/04/11 seller positive A+++ for my buyer :) Trustworthy
sieuac 03/04/11 seller positive great buyer, thank for cells ++++++++++++++
_[[DeMon]]_ 03/04/11 seller positive Fast and smooth deal, ty
Altair 03/04/11 seller positive Nice deal, thank you ^^
>Rakilion< 02/04/11 buyer positive Good trade :)
Nghia 01/04/11 seller positive Bought basilick from me again :) A+++
sieuac 01/04/11 seller positive enjoy the NS 99 :))
Nghia 01/04/11 seller positive Bought from me basillick ....He sent me money first...Trustworthy ;) A++++++++
PrimalSmith 01/04/11 buyer positive Sent him Necklace first, and received payment instantly,
Many thanks A++
benzi92 30/03/11 seller positive Sent him the oceans first and got my payment on time:) A++ buyer
sieuac 28/03/11 seller positive great buyer and good trade +++++++++++
sieuac 26/03/11 seller positive Thannk! again
sieuac 26/03/11 seller positive 1st good trade. thanks for NS ! see u again :D