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You are here: Board index Rakion.biz FeedbackSpitz228 Help us improve by providing any suggestions and reporting any bugs you may have encountered. You can also ask for help here or request Trade Feedback changes. Wrongfully banned or experiencing login/registration problems? Guests (non-members) can post here..

Moderator: freakrakion

Re: Spitz228

Postby freakrakion on Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:43 pm

Spitz228 wrote:2. I also belive You are correct to some degree that bulk rate is cheapest rate... on the lower level scale. But .9/1k is not the cheapest when it comes to higher amounts. and i can show u and prove this. Playspan highest amounts have been adjusted where u get 50,000 for $42. which automatically puts them higher than .9/1k on the higher scale

Big Picture- I want both parties to benefit. If i bought someones entire bulk is it wrong to try to try to trade to a common benefit mayb $100 for 120k. you would still make a profit and can rebulk. Not asking to give it for free. but the profit doesnt have to be focused on this solid rate.

You can always buy from playspan since u can get a better rate. Why do i have to sell to you at a cheaper rate when i can sell to others at a fixed rate and get more profit. Furthermore, you wanted to buy 32.5k cash @ 25USD which clearly means i have no profit. LOL and you said i couldn't do math.

Spitz228 wrote:4. When you trade you have to operate with respect. Never have I once criticized his shop. Randomly he Come out in chatroom and complains about my shop out of nowhere. (let it go took it as positive criticism xyz fixed my shop up a little, made some tweaks, added another special)

Can you show me some proof that i complaint about your shop in the chatroom? Or are you just fabricating things?

Spitz228 wrote:This pm isnt the first sign of immaturity. As you can see from the pm i tried to give respect i negotiated i explained i showed my point of view. i even proposed other options. as you clearly see.
I was greeted with, "Lol you totally dont make any sense im never going to trade with you"

I told you NO in the first reply and even told you the rate that i sell bulk, you went on and on talking about how you calculated the rate of 0.78 which gives me no profit. I kept rejecting your offer but you kept insisting you are right and was like ''forcing'' me to sell you at that rate.

Spitz228 wrote:I treat people with the level of dignity and repect people treat me with very simple.

Dignity? Respect? You said i was robbing off players? Is that respect? I was never once rude to you i even rejected your offer with a smiley.
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